Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spreads Like Wild Fire.

Kernville, California. We were sat waiting for a friend in a carpark when we saw a tree catch fire.

Start of the Fire

People began calling the fire brigade as it was within 10ft of the general store and a gas station.
Within minutes it spread rapidly across the mountain side...

Fire Spreading across the Mountain

Arriving quickly on the scene was the fire brigade and the forest fire teams.
All day we have watched the fire grow and spread. Numerous planes and helicopters have been dousing the mountain with water and fire retardent powder.

Planes and Helicopters dousing the Fire

We walked to the river to witness the helicopter pick up water...very impressive.

Cheryl and Simon feeling the draft of the Helicopter

Unfortunately 9 hrs later the fire has spread over the mountain top and is now burning along the mountain. It seems it has been left to burn itself out...but from the house we are staying at we have amazing views of it quickly looks like volcanic lava running.

We are here for a couple of days so we will keep you posted on the fire.

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