Monday, April 2, 2007

Goodbye Burlington

Finally the day has arrived where we say Goodbye to Burlington, Vermont and all our good friends. With our belongings packed, shipped to the UK or given away…we were finally ready to load up our tricked out adventure mobile.

Too much stuff and so little space meant a few cherished items didn’t make the cut, non essentials like tent, awning and our much beloved BBQ grill : (

Our first leg took us far! about a 10 minute drive. Our Friends and fellow Brits Jayne and Adam give us our last taste of civilized living. We couldn’t bare to depart Vermont without getting one last run on the New Haven. We left VT in style. Au revoir our Friends until we meet again BEAVER FEST or anywhere else on our trip you fancy!!

1 comment:

Adam, Jayne and Safi said...

He-e-ey yo-o-o-ou gu-uys (in a Goonies stylee)

Take care, travel safe and enjoy the paddling! See you in September if not before.

Much love from Jayne, Adam and Safi XXX