Friday, March 30, 2007

A Piggin Good Time!!

Our farewell party was a Pig Roast held at Jonny's house on Lake Champlain. Thanks for everyones hard work in getting it together. Especially Eric and Robyn who got up at 4am to start the roaster up.

Ice fishermen during the day - in Shelburne bay, pretty close to the ice edge......

Pig mid cook

Pig about done - from 4am through 8pm - Yummy!

Other features of the party were firepit, ice bar, and Magic Hat Keg

And lots of Jelly shots

Hmmmm Pig - I think Hydro ate the ears

Simon at work in the Ice bar

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snow Fun

Cheryl, David, Erik and Eric
Over the last three months I have been volunteering with Vermont Adative Sports program. I have been teaching snowboard and Skiing (I too learnt to ski this post to come on that). I also assist with Bi/ mono skiing.

This past week I had the pleasure to ski with David.
David is semi quadraplegic, which means he has limited mobility in his arms and legs. David is a super nice guy, he is very motivated and loves to bi ski...

David Bi Skiing

I have to say when you have clients like David it feels more like skiing with friends, then assisting a lesson.
We really put the equipment to the test with David. Eric was feeling strong so we decided to take him down some classic black diamonds. Organgrinder was a blast with few spills. We were all having so much fun we decided to take it up a notch on Ripcord a steep double diamond with huge moguls. While we were totally up for it, sadly the equipment was not and David skied so hard that one of the outriggers completely broke bringing the days fun to an end... at least it was near the end of the day.

David and Eric on Organgrinder

VASS has been personally very rewarding. I have made friends, learned alot about disabilities. More importantly I have enjoyed every day it is really rewarding to help someone else achieve their goal.
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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Too cold to play!!

Si is off on Business in the UK and I am stuck here!!

How can I be stuck here!! Vermont - Burlington is experiencing some of the coldest days on record for March.

I can hardly believe I was snowboarding at 40 degrees (F) at the weekend. Yet for the last 2 days my volunteering as been cancelled due to extreme cold temps. Today it is 3 degrees F but due to wind chill it is -15 F, that is -16C and -26C. BRRRR

Tuesday was the coldest with temps around -9F and a will chill factor -22F...FREEZING.

Thankfully to a never ending cold/flu that I caught a few weeks back I have not been too eager to get out in these sub zero temps. Instead I have become fully addicted to a online game called World of Warcrack sorry Craft... I sit here for hours on end slaying and slaughtering Ghouls, Monsters and anything else evil. All in hope to complete various tasks and get my character leveled up. I have a pet in the game called Riverpuddee...I am beginning to treat her as though she is real. I think I need some rescuing..
Thankfully tomorrow Temps are warming up and I am back out on the slopes..
Meet Riverhoney and Riverpuddee from WOW (world of warcraft)