Saturday, April 28, 2007

Las Vegas Sucks!!

Well if you haven't already heard!!
We have had some unfortunate bad luck in Vegas... No we didn't lose a load of money on the tables or slot machines. We had both of our Mountain Bikes stolen off the back of Astro.
The terrible people cut off all the locking straps and straps holding the bikes in place..
At least they didn't touch our precious Kayaks or break in the van!! and we have to be thankful unlike the guy in the police station who got beat up in an elevator and wasn't even mugged but the attackers took photo's while they did it..
I guess Las Vegas is really sin city. We have promtly left and now in Sunny California.

The bikes have now been replace with two walmart specials including heavy duty locks. (Dad promise we will remove the wheels next time we are in the bright lights). We will report how these bikes hold up in future posts.

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Hayley said...

Hi guys!

Just to let you know we are checking the blog regularly and enjoying all the stories but especially the photos!! Keep having a fab (&safe) time - we are watching from sunny North Bucks :-)