Friday, April 6, 2007

It Snow Fun!!

After spending a wonderful three days paddling in CT with old Friends (we paddled Quabog, T-ville and Natchaug). We decided to head to the warmer climates of WV.

Eban, John, Cheryl and Simon after numerous runs on the Natchaug

We arrived in WV and Spent our first night in our van, surprisingly very comfy. Unfortunately while we slept tempretures outside plummented and we awoke to 1 inch of snow!!

Simon was raring to go while Cheryl just snuggled further under the warm blankets. Simon paddled the Upper Yough and the Big Sandy before deciding enough is enough!!

John Logar on the Big Sandy.

While Cheryl was still keen to spend the night in the van Simon had decided a hotel room was more comfortable to spend our 3rd night of snow in.

Well as we said enough is enough...we can't take anymore snow. Tomorrow we heading south in to North Carolina...prey for Sunshine!!

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