Monday, April 23, 2007

Don’t Mess With Texas!!

Amarillo crunchy on the outside chewy in the middle…oops that’s Armadillos not Amarillo.
While we had no real reason to visit Amarillo except that it sounds a cool place we came across some interesting places.
Firstly we got drive Route 66 for the first time for all of 6 miles through the outskirts of the city. At least we can say we have been on route 66 now.

We also got visit a strange sight of half buried Cadillacs, which are open to everyone to artistically paint or graffiti, which we did numerous times with our big black marker in hand. While not the most stunning piece of artwork we have seen it is definitely one of the more unusual.

We then did the Texas thing and ate Steak at the Big Texan. The Big Texan is Famous for its 72 oz steak. If you eat the steak and all its trimmings, a salad, beans, a bread roll and a baked Potato within the hour you get it free.
The steak its self is a whole cow..honest. We wussed out and opted for more reasonable sized portions. We did witness someone commence the 72 oz challenge, we left before he finished.

From there we traveled to Palo Duro Canyon the second largest canyon in the USA after Grand Canyon. From top to Bottom it is around 850 ft. It is spectacular, a multitude of different colored rocks and plantation.
We camped in the canyon floor, Unlike the Grand it has a small river that runs through it.
We hit the light house trail on our Mountain bikes. A 5 mile round trip to a light house shaped rock. The terrain for Mountain biking was fantastic and ranged from biking down steps to steep up hill sandy paths.
All around the scenery was amazing..

Now we are off to New Mexico next to do some Alien hunting!!

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