Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally the itinerary!

So finally here it is... The outline itinerary for the tour. Feel free to come and meet us on our travels! - This is just a skeleton so far, particularly for the US and Canada leg.

31 Mar - leave Burlington (May be delayed due to snow conditions)
Drive out West
California / Oregon / Washington / Idaho
Sometime in July, head to BC
Late August - head back East.
1 Sept - New York State - BeaverFest
23 Sept - Fly out of USA
7 Oct 07 - leave London for Singapore
12 Oct - leave Singapore for Sydney
19 Oct - Fly to Cairns
28 Oct- Fly to Alice Springs
01 Nov - Fly to Sydney
03 Nov - Fly to Christchurch (NZ South Island)
15 Jan 08 - Depart from Aukland (NZ North Island) for Santiago (Chile)
Travel round Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Equador (2 weeks per)
11 Mar - Depart from Quito (Equador) for San Jose (Costa Rica)
24 Mar - Depart from San Jose (Costa Rica) - to London

Go CATS Go!!

No I am not talking about the furry kind... I am talking about pure Brawn and Muscle..the UVM Catamounts ice hockey team.
Since my first UVM game I have been hooked..dragging Simon and various friends along to the games whenever I could get tickets.
Some Stats
UVM Mens Hockey have had close to 60 consecutive sell out games.
Tickets are seriously hard to come by.
Rumour is there is a 20 year Waiting list for season ticket holders.
There is no fighting allowed in college games. Any fighting is punished with a session in the sin bin!!
Okay so I don't know any actual Team stats except UVM are currently ranked 15th in the overall USA University Hockey league.
Here are some pictures of the last game...

"Go Cats Go" The Cats Congrats after Scoring.

The Action!!

Ouch... A CATS player slams a UMASS player into the glass!!

I finally meet Rally!! Rally is the UVM Mascot.. I love Rally Raoooow!!

Rally Runs Away in horror at the thought of been Catnapped by me... cute tail wag!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nor'easter Feb 07

The Ski season had been suffering from below average snow... Until today. We got hammered by a big storm. Check out the pictures.