Monday, April 9, 2007

Blue Skies in North Carolina.

It only took a four hour drive south of West Virginnia to find blue skies and warm weather...hello from North Carolina.

Our first port of call was the Charlotte White Water Park. An outstanding adventure park, which just happens to have one of the worlds best man made white courses. The park offered three different white water channels, Instructional, freestyle and Race. The race channel being a challenging class 4 run...with plenty of holes and nasty recircing eddies to catch you out. Actually all the eddies were recirculating and surging.

Cheryl's favorite part was the conveyor saved a walk back to the top!! ferrying you from the end of the course back to the top.

We bumped in to our friend Alden Bird...we did quiz him when the guide book will be out!! Very soon...we believe.

Alden is trying out for the US slalom C1 team and was in training.

Unfortunately North carolina is proving to be a in a bit of draught and the rivers are extremely low.. we decided to head on out after a fruitless search we next be found in the smokey mountains heading out west.
More pictures can be found at the Webshots Album.

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Adam, Jayne and Safi said...

What's this conveyor belt business?? Pretty cushy! Hope you made the most of it 'cos it sounds like you won't be getting 'owt like that on the rest of your travels.

We're loving the blog guys, keep it coming.

Take care out there!

Love from Jayne, Adam and Safster xxx