Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Dirty Kayakers get Clean..

Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Hot Springs is a small town in Arkansas. Famous for it hot springs that run in the surrounding country side and right through the heart of it.

The main attraction is a row of Bath Houses, sadly most are now closed and are being refurbished for Business use. One of the two remaining is a beautifully restored museum and tourist centre. The other is still a bath house today and that where us dirty kayakers got a good scrubbing!!

Below are pictures of the Fordyce Bath House which is now the Tourist Centre and Museum.

We also visited the Garvans Botanical Gardens where they have built this beautiful modern non religious Chapel in the woods.

More Pictures at the Webshots dirrty Kayakers though!!

We are currently in Amarillio Texas after skipping through Oklahoma in a day.


hippiclimber said...

Hey guys, saw the astro at the schlotzsky's deli at lunch, and took down the web info. I took a look at your adventure, sounds fun. If you had done this a few years ago I'd have been in Fontana looking a whole lot like Jesus and eating something very much like dog food. Anyway, WELCOME to Texas and Amarillo, enjoy your time here and I look forward to following your journey.

yvonne said...

Hi Cheryl

Looks like you're having a fantastic time, I'm so jealous...not of the snake though, you can keep that.....

Travel safe, keep in touch, and hopefully I'll see you next time you're back in the UK.

love Yvonne