Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who’s been Naughty??

We have had a very interesting few days driving through South Dakota, Since leaving Yellowstone, We visited a famous Monument called “Devil’s Tower” anyone recognize it from Close encounter of the 3rd kind?? The mash potato model !!

From there we went to the absolutely awesome Crazy Horse Monument. Commissioned in 1947 by the Lakota Indians, it is still in its infancy. But still Crazy horse’s face is complete. A full comparison of what it will look like when it’s finished can be done from a scaled plaster model.

From Crazy horse we went to Mount Rushmore, after seeing the size of Crazy horse Mt Rushmore and it presidents lacked the grandeur you would expect…but it was worth while seeing it.

Onwards on the I-40 and we went to a very strange place called Wall Drug…Hard to describe but an old world Museum cum Shop cum arcade…Cheryl got to play on the Jackaloop…A fictional animal Cheryl thought was real…

After wall drug we took a scenic drive through the Badlands, which is a beautiful sharp jagged mountain range in volcanic colours a big contrast to a usually flat S. Dakota.

Back on the I-40 and we (Cheryl) encounter a small problem…Blue flashing lights …just after we had been laughing that we would not get pulled over for speeding. (Astro’s top speed on the Interstate is 65 and the limit is 75). We pull over and the officer asks Cheryl to step out of the car and into his…after a few minutes Cheryl returns with a warning for a traffic violation…for the rear number plate being obscured from view because of the Mt Bikes. A first violation for Astro and Cheryl. Tut tut. Since we had no fines we carried on our merry way east...

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Hayley said...

Hi guys!

Still checking the blog for updates. Trip looks as exciting as ever. Stupid I know, but I just cannot get over how vast and beautiful the US is, make mental note - must see more!

When ya back, be lovely to see you both. There is always a bed here for you...