Friday, August 24, 2007

Yellowstone National Park

To break up our long drive back from BC, we planned a number of stops at National Parks along the way. Our first stop was Yellowstone, (located across Montana, Idaho and Wyoming). We had been told by many people that this was one of the, if not the best national park in the US.

We spent nearly three days in Yellowstone visiting the numerous geothermal features, and watching the abundant wildlife. We saw plenty of Bison and Elk whilst in the park.

The Wolves and Grizzlies eluded us in the Park, but we made up for that by visiting the Grizzly and Wolf centre just outside. We were fortunate to see the wolves fishing for trout in their lake, and two massive 1000 lb grizzly bears. I would not like to meet them in the wild…

Here’s a selection of our favorite photos from Yellowstone…

Wolves on the run and Fishing

HUGE grizzly bears foraging for food

I make this face when I don’t get my way…… “But I want to go to McDonalds!!”

Bison roaming Yellowstone, Elk too.

Old Faithful Geyser (spouted every 90 minutes)

Mud pools and hot springs abounded all over Yellowstone. It also smelt of rotten eggs (or Egg sandwiches) depending on who you asked.

Colorful Calcium deposits and Travertine terraces.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (illegal to paddle….) Looked good to go, but a massive hike into the gorge and likelihood of hefty fines if caught… Need a getaway driver and support team for this one.

Classic 30’s Yellowstone tour bus. Recently refurbished and back in service. Spot the vintage vehicle.

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