Thursday, September 6, 2007

Paddling back East

Since our mammoth drive back East, we have returned to some of our favorite spots in the East. This has resulted in a nonstop 9 day tour of rivers in New York State and Canada.

First stop was the Black river in Watertown to dip our toes in the tepid waters at Hole Brothers. As usual the hole was great fun, with a little too much upside down action.

From there, we motored into Canada and a couple of days on the Ottawa. The level wa about -2, which meant that most of the good playwaves were in, but some were a little flushy. It was a little quieter than the normal summer levels, with a refreshing lack of massive eddy lines of rafts and other paddlers.

A return to the Black river, this time the Route 3 wave. It was a bit busier there, whereas we'd had Hole Brothers to ourselves, this time we had to share the wave with a class of rather good 11 year olds....

After the Black, we headed to the Beaver, one of our favorite North east rivers. For the three day labour day weekend, boaters from all over the North east, and further afield head to Upstate New York for this guarenteed water event. Four sections of river were run, The Taylorville, Moshier and Eagle sections of the Beaver, and the Stone Valley section of the Raquette. We met up with lots of our old friends, and made some new ones! The paddling lived up to expectations, and we witnessed plenty of carnage at Beaverator, and the other sticky spots...

Cheryl about to run the 1st falls on Moshier

Moshier Falls

Simon on Eagle

Will Running Colton Falls on the Raquette

From there, back to Canada and runs on the Gatineau, and Rouge river, which were rather relaxing, after the bustle of the Beaverfest.

Now we are heading towards Quebec City, and the Jacques Cartier river!!

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