Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quick Update from BC

The UK Guys arrived and we head out to the Kamploops. We found most of the rivers on the low side (a complete opposite to Whistler). However the Guys managed to knock off some classics such as Pingston and the upper Kuskanax, Si and I doing the lower Kuskanax.
They also paddled the Carpenter, while I was invited along but thought the river was too low so opted to Mountain Bike the trail alongside the river... it turns out I made the right decision.
We attempted to kayak the Kayuse only to find on scouting most of the canyon unrunnable in a kayak... not to waste an opportunity we hooked up with safety gear and slid, roped and jumped our way down most of the slides and waterfalls.
We returned to Whistler to find most things still high they guys had a "high water" run on the upper Birkenhead. While my new friends Fran and Robin and I kayaked the lower section.

The guys are now on a multiday trip on the Main stein, which excitedly they got to float plane into...
While they are on the Stein Fran, Robin and are on a mission to paddle as much as we can.

Pictures will be posted when I have more time...

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Adam, Jayne and Safi said...

Why don't you guys get out there and do something??!! Hahaha... You make me feel so bad sat here on my lazy arse while you're off ripping it up. Think I'll go and switch on the treadmill...might even run a few paces on it too ;)
Take care and see you soon.
J xxx

PS House move delayed til Sept 14th (bloody builders) - hope it still works out for you to come visit with us in our new shiny abodes, well, once 'they' have stopped messing it all up. Grrrr!