Monday, July 2, 2007

Portland and Paddling

Portland, Oregon. We self invited ourselves to stay with Si's friend Tiff.
Tiff has recently moved into a mansion by most peoples standards. The gorgeous house on the outskirts of Portland proved a great base for a few days of tourism round Portland. We (I made them) visit the Chinese gardens where we had a traditional tea ceremony...pretty cool but all very strange when your in serene gardens but can hear and see the city traffic and skyline.

After a few very spoiled days with Tiff we had (I had to be forcibly removed) to leave and get back in to the paddling groove.. ( she has a swimming pool as a bath tub!!! )

We found ourselves on the Washington Oregon border, meeting up with Dave and Sharon and paddling the White Salmon yesterday and today

This afternoon Si and David are paddling the Little White Salmon while Sharon I check out the local brewery and their happy hour.... $1 Appitizers and cheap pints...who knows what state I'll be in when the guys get back

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Hayley said...

Hey, so you made it to see Tiff?! Cool!! She and Josh look great, hope you had a lovely time with them. X