Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain, Rain and More Rain....

After the Sun and Fun at Skook, BC weather changed for the worst..Rain rain and more rain.

Our first BC river was the Mamquam a low boney class 3 creek... although we were informed there is some nice 60ft falls down stream. We are sure they will feature in the next YGP movie!!

BC unlike California is not suffering such low water, As we scouted river after river all in high or flood conditions our only option was to head back south..
Here is the crazy high water. To even get to the Ashlu now is difficult, the Ashlu is under dam construction, the kind security guard let us through for a peek...crazy for even thinking we would paddle it

On our way South we hid from the rain in a cinema... On our exit from the cinema we now realize Astro is really special and transforms into a 60ft Robot complete with Kayak carrier..

Normal Astro

Super Astro !!

Due to a " landslide" we where held in traffic for 2.5 hours and got these stunning pictures during a short sunny period.

Our journey South took us to multiple sections of the Chiliwack river.We thought this would quench our whitewater appetite until the higher rivers had chance to come down. Expecting mellow class 3/4. We had our nerves handed to us on a plate on the first section. Non stop action in a narrow tree strewn, no eddy roller coaster ride. The second two sections we chose were definitely more mellow less tree strewn and we were able to relax and enjoy it alot more. This section includes the candian slalom teams training ground Tamihi rapid...this is one tough slalom course. Big volume, holey boulder garden that feels like it goes on forever. One advantage to the chilliwack is its free Camping and spectacular sights. Wondering about how we are shuttling in our new keep fit regime (in order to obtain Rambo physique see further down) we are now putting our walmart super bikes to full use and in the last three days we (Si) have biked over 30km.

Fed up of rain and no showers we headed to HOPE (or as the guide book describes abandon all hope). Hope was the only place we could get a hotel room. Hope is famous for being used in many Hollywood films (if the rain clouds would lift for a minute we would see the beautiful surrounding mountains). The most famous film being Rambo First blood... we did the one street tour in Astro tonight.

Si after the bike shuttle!!

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