Saturday, July 14, 2007


We have spent the last two days at the Skookumchuck Wave, An awesome ocean wave. The rapid is formed when the tide comes in and goes from quiet calm water to a raging boiling mass of white water and forms one of the world best play waves.

Campground Sunset





An unfortunate part of the skook rapids is the whirlpools...Cheryl managed to "Take the tour" and was eaten by a rather large whirlpool, the down time was about 20 - 30 seconds but it was long enough for Cheryl to depart ways with her kayak...and a rather long and cold swim followed...she didn't take the tour again..

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Adam, Jayne and Safi said...

Hey guys. Yet more utterly fantastic pictures but the stories are getting more scary by the day it seems.

Those nasty naughty whirlpools should not be eating up our Cheryl or anyone else for that matter... Seriously, hope you're all okay and not put off too badly by the occasional hazardous incident.

Missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you soon(ish).

Jayne XX