Saturday, June 30, 2007

Been, Seal and Dune it all.

Much to our dismay Oregon has lacked the Whitewater froth we have been searching for.
Instead we decided to head up the Oregon coast and maybe seek out some tidal surf.
With a free guide in our hand our first stop was a huge heard of elk grazing at the side of the road. A few them tried to disguise themselves as bushes in the long grass..
Traveling along the recommend route of 101(which also just happens to be a Tsunami evac area) Florence was our first port of civilization a small old port town, that has seen better days if it weren’t for constant tourists buying up tat and taffy.
In search of huge Sand dunes (that are supposed to be apparent) we came across a lovely beachy area where the seas and dunes spread for miles (reminded me a lot of Roan head at home in the UK). One quick dip of the foot in the water quickly dispersed any ideas we had of going surfing…Artic Baltic!!
We woke the next morning to down pours, and a small glimmer of hope that rivers might just come up…but NO!!.
Looking for indoor activities we arrived at the Sea lion Cave, the biggest sea cave in the world and home to 100’s of seal and seal lions. This amazing insight into colonies of seals and sea lions was interesting to say the least. Imagine a stinky fish market filled with 100 adolescent boys all trying to fart and out burp each other, yes it is exactly like that. The Size of the Sea lions is amazing and the bulls can easily weigh up to a ton.
Oregon’s Aquarium was supposed to provide our next shelter instead we spent most of it outside watching the sea otters be fed and swim about their tank. These adorable animals are delightful to watch. Just seeing the otters was worth the entrance fee. But other attractions included a giant Octopus, a massive shark tank, which include two divers while we were there. A huge amount of very large crabs and a touch pool where you could touch starfish.
Our final indoor activity was Tilimook cheese factory… all I can say it ain’t as good as Cabot!!
We are now in Portland Oregon, update to follow…

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