Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ferocious Wild Animal attacks Astro!!

At about 8pm Sunday night on a small pullover in the middle of nowhere in BC. We had just finished our dinner when we were jumped by a ferocious animal out of the woods. The attack lasted for about an hour and we barely escaped with our lives. Thankfully we took pictures of the confrontation... here is the evidence. Watch out you could be next!!! This one took a particular like to Pasta and Carrots.

Aside from animal attacks, we visted the Othello tunnels a disused railway which runs along sides the beautiful Coquihalla River.

The picture below is from "Hells Gate" on the Fraser River. A mass of boiling surging water and right now really high. Rafting on it usually starts June time, this year they aren't planning on starting till at least mid August!!

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