Friday, June 15, 2007

San Jose

We have spent the last few days staying with Friends Marc and Emma in San Jose. While there we visited San Francisco and were lucky to have clear enough weather to enjoy views of the bay... an apparent rarity.
We also visited the birthplace of O'neil surf wear, Santa Cruz... a beautiful beach resort south of San Jose and a most definitely surfer town.
On our day off from doing tourist things we hit the local water park, unfortunately at the gates they refused us entrance with our kayaks. Instead we doned our swimwear and sent our selves down numerous raging water slides.

Pictures can be found on our pictures link

Today Fri 15th: back in Groveland!! Marc's Upper Cherry is being popped. The temps are in late 90's at 10 am in the morning. We are in for a grueling day hiking 13 miles to the put in of the river.

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