Friday, October 5, 2007

UK Adventures

As we enter the final days of UK visit.. we update you on our whirlwind tour of the Isle of Blighty.

Spending the first week with Si's parents we did a tourist visit to London going to the British Museum, we narrowly missed the Terracotta army exhibit. Tickets for the day sold out as we queued to get them. However the Museums other Exhibit didn't disapoint

Onto the Natural History Museum and there was so much stuff to see we didn't get round it all and stayed till the museum closed. We had a great time viewing dino's crocs and tons of creepy crawlies.

After a wonderful Indian dinner we headed to Spamalot.. Produced by the Monty Python crew and is very funny.

Stopping at friends along the way we headed up north... Si even got a sneaky surf at Filey beach.

At my parents the luxury of wireless took over and we spent more time playing WOW!! Although we did manage to do a hike up the Hoad for old time sake.. the weather turned out miserable to attempt a old man of coniston hike..

We did meet Mum and Dad's new Pup Lottie, a very cute westie who loves cuddles..

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