Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just for Dad (or anyone else interested in cars...)

Dad this post is just for you!! Si and I hit the Sydney International Car show. To make you proud I drooled and sat in as many cars as possible... especially the Porsche's and my fav small car the Smart car.
Si and I got some good ideas for future Kayak mobiles a favorite being the Skoda...yes Skoda Yeti and the Toyota Tarago (not pictured here)

This one is a nice model, Si liked this one...
Daddy Pleeease can I have one????

Dad this one is for you... no not the Ferrai above the nice truck below!!

MMM A pink car.

Lamborghini or Smart Car??

Si and Cheryls maybe future Car - The Skoda Yeti..

Si and I got to go on a 4WD test course which was a lot of fun, Here is video footage of us going over a See-Saw.

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