Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to blighty

Cheryl and I are now back in the UK, for a short stay at my parents, before a quick tour of the UK visiting friends and family.

We were both very sad to be leaving Burlington after living there for the best part of five years. We hope to have a big re-union trip with as many of our US paddler friends soon.

Jus prior to our departure, we travelled down to Washington DC to view the sights, and to sign out of the US tax system. We also got to visit the Air and space Museum, which wa smuch more fun than the tax stuff...

A final meal at American Flatbread, on Friday, and a Jonny Adler lakehouse special party on Saturday, meant that we were leaving with very fond memories and sore heads.

Our depearture from the US (well Montreal) was very smooth. British Airwary were very helpful. Between us we had three kayaks, and 6 large bags, which was a record for me, and quite a handful to actually get to the check-in desk with. Travelling business class certainly aided the check-in of the luggage, and we didn't have any issues at all.

Look forward to catching up with everyone we can over the next two weeks.

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google_bryanbomba said...

Nice sunset pic! We're getting along without you... lots of rain in the forecast the next couple of days. The curse of the brits might be off of us!