Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heading out again - Singapore

After a couple of weeks relaxing back in the UK, visiting parents and friends, we packed up all out gear – definitely less than we had in Astro, and headed for the airport. As usual BA didn’t flinch at the sight of a kayak approaching the check in desk, and we were soon on our way!

First stop was Singapore. No kayaking, but plenty to see for a few days. One thing about Singapore…. Its hot. Very hot. We were able to dump kayak, paddle bag and an extra rucksack in excess luggage so we didn’t have to lug extra gear round town, for which we were very grateful in the heat.

Most days were spent exploring using the underground to get around. The town has very distinct districts, Bustling Little India and China town (with many fascinating temples), Towering cityblocks in the business district, Riverside bars and restaurants in quayside etc.

One of the main reasons for visiting Singapore was to taste the food. We ate great Chinese and Indian food, as well as many tasty fried items from roadside vendors.

It wasn’t all eating though. We stopping in at the Tea Chapter. The Queen and Prince Philip stopped off here for a brew, so we through we should also.

We also visited Sentosa island, one of the main tourist attractions via the cable car, and took in Underwater world, with their pink dolphins, and the beach, staying away from the 5 star hotels and resorts. You can certainly do a luxury trip to Singapore, and this is one of the main locations to stay if you have that kind of budget…. We didn’t this time.. Maybe next time.

After three days we had had enough sightseeing, and we were pretty glad to be heading on. Next stop Australia, and Sydney!


Adam, Jayne and Safi said...

Blimey guys - looks FAB there! What an amazing experience - would love to go sometime. Have a safe trip to OZ and 'talk' soon.
A, J and S xxx

Adam, Jayne and Safi said...

Oh aye, and have you seen any of the rugby?? I'm guessing not - roll on the final next Sat between England and S Africa!!