Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ooh La La Quebec

As we head in to the final weeks of our US/ Canada leg, we decided to head into to Quebec and experience some of it’s finest rivers and most grueling shuttles.
Joined by Ed, Trip and Robyn we headed to the Jacques Cartier for the Taureau. One of Quebec classic class 5 creeks and the perfect way to start the weekend.
Cheryl did the shuttle and was excited to find a Mother and Baby Moose munching weed in the Jacques Cartier river.

Saturday we headed to the Malbaie, Thank God for Ed’s truck who took much of the brunt on the shuttle in and out.

The Malbaie is another classic, 10 miles of wilderness creeking and a mighty fine 30ft waterfall thrown in.

Cheryl showed some style when she ran the 30fter in perfect text book style..

I (Cheryl) have to say the Malbaie quickly became one of my most favorites rivers, it is a really endurance test, a long hike in, 40+ drops of class 4/5 and a long hike out… I slept like a baby that night…
Waking too early Sunday due to time constraints, We hit the Tewkesbury still very bleary eyes and in a morning mist…we were off the river by 10am and Trip had his first beer and chips by 10.15 AM..
Next was the St Catherine a whole lotta flat water for 3 big drops…one didn’t have enough water so we had to opt for a easier route shocking 10 scouting paddlers by just running it without stopping.

We are now back in Burlington busy planning the rest of our trip and seeing old friends.

We have also sold Astro : ( who will be sent to her new home next week!! Looks like she’s going to be on another road trip..

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