Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We have spent the last week in Peru traveling around and visiting many of its sites.
Starting with a relaxing day in Lima our friendly hostel owner (who kindly arranged everything for the rest of our stay in Peru) took us to the sacred site of Pachamac, An Inca sun temple… he then took us to his favorite beach where we soaked up the sun.

Our next stop was Nasca, where the famous Nasca lines are located. We took an early morning flight over them to get the best views..

In the afternoon we visited the Chauchilla Cemetary, an ancient burial ground which in the past has seen destruction of thousands of graves by grave robbers, the remains of scattered bones from these can still be seen today. Nowadays the site is preserved and no further digging is allowed. Some graves are open…and what you see in the pictures we took are real people.

We visited a museum which also housed some of Chauchilla’s findings…gruesome trophy heads.. some still even had aging skin attached urghhh.

From Nasca we traveled to Cusco the ancient Inka capital. Cusco is a very interesting city with narrow winding street and huge amounts of history. During our stay we visited many of the local sites.

Next was Machu Picchu, we only had two days so we took the train up stayed the night in Aguas Calientes…which had a huge river running right through the middle of it. We took the first bus 5.45am up to a very misty Machu mid morning the mist had cleared and we climbed up Wayna Picchu to get the aerial view of Machu Picchu. The climb was interesting hundreds of narrow, and very steep stone steps lead you on a winding journey until to you reach another set of ruins at the top the view is breath taking. We also took the long climbed down to the moon temple a place which sees very little tourist action but worth the every literal step we took.

With our Peru time coming to a close we took the train and bus back to Cusco where we stayed one more night. The Next morning we were shocked to learn that most of the historical sites would be closed… thankfully we had booked an earlier bus back to Lima..or so we thought. The protest which had closed the sites had also caused road blocks our 19 hr bus journey took 25 hours instead one road block alone 2hours to get through.

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