Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bus Journey to Somewhere!!

Well, I guess we shouldn´t have assumed it would be that easy travelling across South America by bus with two Kayaks... Well we did. Tickets are easy to buy and all the buses are big so what´s the issue.
We turned up at the Bus station extra early. We confirm with the desk people we have kayaks. In return they advise it will cost a little extra but should be fine. The bus turns up and we are point blankly refused by the driver who takes one look at the kayaks and says no. No matter how much we argue that they will fit in the space he wont have it. Thankfully the company refund us the money. At a last ditch attempt Si tries a few other bus companies Ramos Cholele were only to glad to help us and assured us they would take the kayaks.
We boarded with such ease it was unbelievable... the bus was really nice came with a food included..what morer could we ask for.
The bus journey was 28 hours and all of it in the desert, 3 hours before our destination, we were asked to get of the bus, and watched in horror as they unloaded ours and several other passengers bags in the middle of nowhere...the desert. Finally someone explained we had to catch another bus to Arica as ours was going somewhere else.
We finally got on the other bus and discovered no seats.. I shouldn´t laugh but the conductor soon sorted this by putting some locals in a compartment underneath the bus.
We arrive in Arica too late to cross into Peru (the border closes at 11pm), but were kindly rescued by a lovely hostel owner were we stayed in very nice accomodations for a very cheap price.
So finally we are in Peru...
The Peru bus company advise they cant take our kayaks on the bus we are booked so offer an alternative..
We will get to Lima at some point... Where we start the whole process again to get to Quito, Equador.

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