Monday, February 4, 2008


After another tedious border crossing, where we were caught smuggling potatoes into Chile (they didn't find the other stuff....), we arrived in the beautiful Futaleufu valley for a few days paddling. We only wish we could have stayed longer.

Rio Azul (from the Bridge)

First up we checked into the Cara Del Indio campsite, where we suddenly found ourselves very popular, since we had a vehicle. For the rest of the week we paddled various sections of the Fu, and side streams, with many new friends. Levels were low, and all the sections were fun!!!

Of course everyone was in new school playboats for the Fu. We were nearly the oldest there, but felt quite happy in our comfy creek boats. Especially the day Simon did the Inferno canyon to Camp. 7 Hrs in a playboat.... Not for me.....

I hadn't really relished paddling Inferno canyon again after last times scary flood run, but in low water, and a creek boat, it was very manageable, and you don't get flipped anywhere near as much as the tiny playboats!!! There's even a new rapid since last time - Dynamite, one of the biggest hits in the canyon (no pics sorry).

Heading back, we went via Chiloe Island, Its very scenic, but a long expensive ferry. Probably would have gone back via Argentina if we hadn't needed more insurance...

Thanks to Xavier for some of the great paddling pics....

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