Saturday, November 3, 2007

Meet our new team member, Homer!!

With hours of arriving in NZ, we began searching for our replacement Astro. Lucky for us we found the perfect Van just a block away.
Homer (I know all forms of transport are supposed to have ladies names...well ours just had a sex change) is a 1986 Nissan Homy. She comes fully kitted out with bed, camping equipment and a new stove. So perfect to get straight on the road. Homer is low mileage and never been on a road trip before.
We bought her from a guy who buys low mileage vans and converts them into Backpacker vans..but best of all Homer was cheap..even less than Astro.
Most funny point is Homer has playboy bunny car seats LOL.

Here is a picture of a Nissan Homy...not Homer ours is more beefed up with bull bar, roof rack and flowery curtains.

Not just content with organizing the Van, Si has also purchased a Kayak a beautiful yellow solo...awesome condition for a very cheap price. Lets see how long this one stands the test of Si.

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