Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gday from the Outback

We are into our final hours in Australia. Since leaving Cairns we visted Alice Springs, located in the middle of the Northern Territories, basically in the middle of nowhere in the outback. Darwin the nearest city located a mere 1600 km away.
Alice Springs doesn’t have much in the way of tourist attractions. Its major point is a quick stop for those on their way to Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock).

We did find however, the Baby Kangaroo Rescue centre - The Joeys are generally found in their mothers pouches at the side of the road after the mother has being turned in to road kill.
We had the pleasure of holding baby joeys called, Oliver, Polly and Amy. All very cute and ranging from 4 months to 7 months old. The guy who runs the center releases them back to the wild (not tagged) at 14 months old. At the age when they no longer need their mother.

We then drove out to Uluru, and a nearby rock formation called Kata Tjuta. We spent some time hiking round there, and viewing the rocks at Sunset (spectacular) and Sunrise (not particulary spectuacular, and very early!!). It was very hot out there, no shade, and the flies were everywhere!!!

From there we drove to Kings Canyon, where we did a hike to the Garden of Eden, a Billabong (waterhole) with some great Jurrasic Park style foliage!.

Now back in Sydney, Flying to New Zealand tomorrow. Its raining here!!!! - other Australia pictures are on webshots - see links

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