Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally the itinerary!

So finally here it is... The outline itinerary for the tour. Feel free to come and meet us on our travels! - This is just a skeleton so far, particularly for the US and Canada leg.

31 Mar - leave Burlington (May be delayed due to snow conditions)
Drive out West
California / Oregon / Washington / Idaho
Sometime in July, head to BC
Late August - head back East.
1 Sept - New York State - BeaverFest
23 Sept - Fly out of USA
7 Oct 07 - leave London for Singapore
12 Oct - leave Singapore for Sydney
19 Oct - Fly to Cairns
28 Oct- Fly to Alice Springs
01 Nov - Fly to Sydney
03 Nov - Fly to Christchurch (NZ South Island)
15 Jan 08 - Depart from Aukland (NZ North Island) for Santiago (Chile)
Travel round Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Equador (2 weeks per)
11 Mar - Depart from Quito (Equador) for San Jose (Costa Rica)
24 Mar - Depart from San Jose (Costa Rica) - to London

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amy said...

wow look at the snow you had in Feb ! i'm so envious. we got a little bit of snow when i was walking in wales but obviosly nothing like that - thats brill. you have a great but busy few months ahead of you i see. hope you have a wonderful time out there. keep safe and email soon x