Thursday, March 8, 2007

Too cold to play!!

Si is off on Business in the UK and I am stuck here!!

How can I be stuck here!! Vermont - Burlington is experiencing some of the coldest days on record for March.

I can hardly believe I was snowboarding at 40 degrees (F) at the weekend. Yet for the last 2 days my volunteering as been cancelled due to extreme cold temps. Today it is 3 degrees F but due to wind chill it is -15 F, that is -16C and -26C. BRRRR

Tuesday was the coldest with temps around -9F and a will chill factor -22F...FREEZING.

Thankfully to a never ending cold/flu that I caught a few weeks back I have not been too eager to get out in these sub zero temps. Instead I have become fully addicted to a online game called World of Warcrack sorry Craft... I sit here for hours on end slaying and slaughtering Ghouls, Monsters and anything else evil. All in hope to complete various tasks and get my character leveled up. I have a pet in the game called Riverpuddee...I am beginning to treat her as though she is real. I think I need some rescuing..
Thankfully tomorrow Temps are warming up and I am back out on the slopes..
Meet Riverhoney and Riverpuddee from WOW (world of warcraft)

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Steve said...

Hi Cheryl Si How's things? Looks like you've got everything sorted for your trip. Don't forget to send me the postacards from your trip around the world!

Have a great trip