Monday, June 2, 2008

Wales and Winkworth

Bank holiday weekend, unfortunately the weather didn't come through, and we ended up postponing our Snowdon plans due to high winds. We still headed to Wales,

and were joined by a few friends for three days kayaking on the Tryweryn and even found time to hike in the rain and wind. It did stay fairly dry whilst we were on the river though.

Andy and Kev showed us how to maximise enjoyment on the Tryweryn, I've never caught as many eddies in a short river.

Between kayaking, we found time to climb a nearby hill, well most of us anyway, before retiring to the local pub to dry out.

Last weekend, we headed down south to meet up with Simons siblings and cousins, plus assorted small children, many of which we'd never met. We had a lovely picnic at Winkworth Arboretum, a National Trust property

followed by a BBQ at Owen's house. Propane beats charcoal any day!!

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