Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Green Fingers

We have spent the last so many weeks tidying up the overgrown acres of our new home. Its been a lot of graft, digging, weeding and planting.

We now have a huge vegetable plot, which has numerous types of things growing, we have a beds containing, Herbs, onions, beans, salad leafs, potatoes, pumpkins, strawberries and another that contains a whole variety of crops.

A Green house that resembles the little shop of horrors.

We have had our first produce, Mushrooms which are growing in abundance in a box under the sink. (I have a great Mushroom soup recipe)
We are now at a point where the garden just needs general maintenance and continued seeding of plants to ensure continuous supply of vegetables.

Yesterday for the first time since moving in we were able to sit relax and enjoy the evening sun without worrying that there was work to be done in the garden.

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