Friday, January 18, 2008


No one speaks english, we are now getting quite good at Spanglish. They like to party in the campsites until 3am (so no sleep till then). The weather is so hot you scramble for the slightest of shade. and food and beer is very very cheap.
So far so good, Chile is a stunning country and after getting our hire car we headed out to the 7 teacups, a stunning run deep in a gorge that holds 7 plop off waterfalls.

The run was amzing and worth every Peso we had to pay to paddle it, we guess they are opposed to paddlers paddling it as the park ranger was waiting to ensure we took off... nicely though he carried Cheryl´s boat out of the gorge up the hundreds of steps.
We are now in Pucon...eager to get out paddling tomorrow. More exciting is we manged to pick up a Whitwater guidebook to the Pucon area.
The stunning view from Pucon. (Don't let a Chilean re-wire your house though..)
Have paddled a few of the other local classics. The Trabcura, Fuy and San Pedro. Heading to Argentina now!!!!
Even having a great 4WD vehicle didn't stop my second failure at driving a great 'short cut road'. Last time it was the vehicle that let us down. This time, a bridge out. It hadn't stopped some people, but it was a bit too much for me in a hire car (or any car)
Some interesting random pics of things we've spotted during our last few days in between rivers....

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