Monday, January 14, 2008

Adios New Zealand

Our final day in New Zealand was quite the adventure.
Firstly We passed on Homer to his new owners some surfer dudes from Canada..

Then we headed out on a ferry to Rangitoto, a volcanic island just off the coast in Auckland. We managed to cram in the Summit Walk, rim walk, Lava tube walk (which involved crawling around in the dark in a lava tube and finally a visit to some of the Bachs or beach house as we would call them.

Back in Auckland city and we had a few hours to spare before our sumptuous dinner at the Auckland Sky tower. In Si and Cheryl style we hit the cinema again (twice in two days …they know us by name in there now) to Watch American Gangster..a fantastic movie but rather long in fact 2.5 hours later we had to quietly leave the film wondering what happens at the end…. If anyone has seen it PLEASE can you e-mail us the ending…we watched up until the Gang where transporting the drugs from the Army coffins.
Running as fast as we can we made it in time for our reservation in the sky tower. Seated above Auckland city at about 280 mtrs we pigged out on the buffet like we hadn’t eaten in weeks. The dinner was perfectly timed to watch the sunset over Auckland..a fantastic ending to a fantastic time in New Zealand..

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