Saturday, December 8, 2007

Queenstown to Dunedin

Arriving in Queenstown, levels were great for the classic runs. Kawerau and the Shotover. Over a number of days we paddled various sections of the rivers, staying away from the gnarly Nevis Bluff and other dodgy sections. One of our favorites was the Upper Shotover, 10 Kms of classic play, where every 100 yards a perfect surf wave awaited. Only drawback was the extremely sketchy shuttle road. Hence the warning signs.

Queenstown has many great wineries, a great relaxing off the water activity.
We camped at the bottom of the Dog Leg section of the Kawerau. A great high volume run, with a few fantastic play waves.

After a few days at Queenstown, it was time to head to Dunedin to pick up a boat for Ed who was joining us soon. We visited a few of the main tourist attractions, which appealed to us greatly. The cadbury's factory and the Speights Brewery.
Leaving Dunedin and heading to Christchurch we stopped at an attraction listed in the lonely planet. The Moeraki boulders. These spherical boudlers are lodged in the sand, looking like abandoned dinosaur eggs.

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