Friday, December 21, 2007

Goodbye South Island

With Ed back in the US enjoying the snow!! Our time in the South Island was drawing to a close.
We visited the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, taking in a storm and some adorable rescued penguins.

On our way up to Abel Tasman we couldn’t resist one last stop off in Murchison for a quick paddle.. we imagined this would be our last paddle before hitting the north Island.
At Abel Tasman we quickly retracted the idea of going sea kayaking due to terrible weather, instead Si worked out we had enough weather to hit a local run.

The Wakamarina turned out to be a nice little surprise…thanks to the rain it made it non stop class 3 gorge for 6km which we paddled all too quickly. It was stunning with Waterfalls falling in from all angles and a few streams that had we had more time we might have explored with our kayaks.

With our South Island days coming to a close quickly we spent our last full day Wine Touring the Marlborough Area. Hic Hic Four Wineries a Brewery later and we pulled into the last.. we were stopped dead in our tracks by an ambling adrenaline junkie of a hedgehog trying to cross the gravel path.. I quickly scooped him up and deposited him safely in the grass (not before getting some photo’s).

Our ferry crossing was stunning…but sadly no Dolphins…

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