Monday, May 11, 2009

The new improved HPP!

A couple of friends and I headed to Nottingham for the new and improved HPP, eager to see what modifications they had made to the course.
We weren't disapointed! All the old favorite spots remain, and they have created several new ones.

The inlet wave remains as good as it always was.... Shame some of the kids take 5 minutes for each bloody ride

A new hole has been created below the inlet wave, above where the cheese block used to be. Theres great eddies to get back up to this hole. Theres a small feisty pour over just below this too. The cheese block is now gone, but that was no real loss...

The hole under the bridge seems a bit deeper now, and seemed to give much better rides now.

The old looping pool wave is very fast and not very stable, and you can't really stay on. There is a vicious recirculating eddy river right. River left eddy seems pretty similar to how it was.
Plughole seems the same, Muncher too. Seems like its deeper in the muncher now, and they've made a great eddy on river right of the muncher so you now can get back on if you blow off river right (as I always do).
Note the new eddy in the foreground....

The bottom of the course has had some major surgery too... Below the Muncher, a small wall is built, only allowing a small amount of water to rejoin the return route back up to the main muncher eddy. You can pull yourself over this wall easily.

Down below here, one of the best new features.... Instead of the island, there is a nice sticky hole. Probably now the stickiest spot on the course. The hole is a little grabby, but theres a good tongue on each side to escape
Nice eddies allow good repeat runs.... then down to the final hole.

This used to be pretty unpleasant, but is now much improved. A couple of tongues now seem to have made the hole a bit more wavy and great fun.

Unfortunately, no conveyor belt to take you back to the top, but you can't have everything!!. The new HPP is definitely a place I'll be spending more time. A couple of the spots could do with a little tuning, but hopefully the modular layout will allow this, and improve what is already so much better than it was....

And if that wasn't enough, Hooters is pretty close. (The only Hooters in the UK). All you can eat wings for 7 quid on Monday nights!

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