Sunday, January 7, 2007

Where's the snow?

The snow has been depressingly absent in Vermont. Yesterday temperatures reached summer levels 62 degrees..phew. It has meant the rivers have been flowing and Si has managed to bag some early spring boating days!! Its still too cold for Cheryl : (
The picture shows one of the better days we had right after a much needed snow storm.
Cheryl finished work in early Dec and now is a unhappy snowbunny..prey for snow soon. Over the Winter months Cheryl has volunteered for a Adaptive sports program. Two to Three days a week she will be coaching people with disabilities snowboarding, and adaptive skiing.

On a final note we have given up hope in VT and on Friday fly out West for some real snow..


Jayne said...

So, in your absence Burlington is finally experiencing something like proper winter weather. 7" more at Sugarbush (total 21" now) and 5 more trails open. Maybe you guys should bug out to Tahoe more often since it appears to have pleased the Snow Gods, oh fickle beings that they are ;)

amy said...

your work with young people sounds really rewarding. hope all your plans for your trip go well

keep in touch and take care from amy x